Want to be a great Wedding Florist but......
-You're not sure where to start or what to do
-Nobody will tell you about the business side of it
-Other Florists won't give you hands on experience or share their secrets

Then you need the

Wedding Florist 
Business Bundle

A library of templates, spreadsheets and resources, to get you organised, level up your wedding Florist Business and fill in all the missing gaps that are stopping you from feeling professional!

I get it....

You just want someone to give you the tools to run a great wedding Florist business because you don't have time to do it (and aren't technically minded anyway!)

You're tired of overbuying and losing track of things

You're fine with the practical stuff like making a Bridal bouquet, but you feel lost with the behind the scenes business 'stuff'!

You're just starting out or fresh out of college and don't know how to quote for wedding designs

Well, the Wedding Florist Business Bundle 
is for you!

(Psst...you can even choose to add on my awesome Floral Recipe Vault at checkout too!)

What you get inside the Business Bundle...

  • Wedding Consultations - Consultation form template, sample questions and video instructions on using them in real life wedding consultations!
  • Help with your Terms & Conditions - suggested clauses and video instructions on creating your own T&Cs or Contract
  • Recipe Templates - Both printable PDF and spreadsheet versions for creating your floral recipes. The spreadsheet is the exact one I use in my own Florist business of 11 years!
  • Bookings & Enquiries - A copy of the exact same bookings spreadsheet and instructions that I use to tracking my bookings and sales total, sample printable pdf enquiry form, printable pdf quote template.
  • ​Ace Your Social Media - A copy of my yearly content planning spreadsheet (the exact same one I use), complete with goals, stats tracker, monthly and weekly breakdowns and more!
Still on the fence? 

Perhaps this FREE bonus will help you decide!
Free Bonus Gift!
When you sign up, you'll also receive my free Small Business Planner!
  • Projects, Notes, planning sheets
  • Track what's going in and out of your business 
  • To Do lists and schedules

For only £47...You can't afford NOT to buy this!

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